Saturday, June 30, 2007

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Hi Fangsters,
and welcome to the Show. much Fanging Fun!

The princpals at FangoCorp (I) have just finished an industry course (MetroTV Sydney) in "producing for film and Television", learning about the business, the lingo etc.

Excellent it was too, though more focused on film/doco than TV series.

Some great feedback from a part showing at the Metroscreen (film school) open day. The audience laughed during, and applauded after, a necessarily truncated screening (they hadn't even seen the denouement!).

It was great to see and hear people reacting (positively) to Fango Fables. Broadcasting on TVS was like singing into the dark, though seeing it myself on free to air was a helpful prism to objective viewing.

Have produced a promo DVD of The Fangsters, including eight full episodes and a couple of animations. Quite pleased with the results using iDVD.

I've been tidying up the episodes a bit, including the laborious task of changing the advertising signs on Mt Fangorama (frame by frame photoshop documents), some great results, so much effort for details missed by most, but it's the detail that I love, that the Show rewards closer inspection.

They are mostly visible for less than a second, I am particularly happy to have put back the "Dunlop Bridge", which was brutally painted over a few years ago.

Here are some of those.

I've begun working in Final Cut a bit, great for colour grading, and finessing the audio tracks, but still working mostly in iMovie, so simple.

A few production shots.
The shed set during the "Pandoras' Gearbox" shoot (Big Pete stop motion scenes) on the dining room table using the Imac as a (through the camera) monitor. I actually filmed all the stop motion in live action, then just cut out all the frames in between during editing, very simple.

Monitoring the slot car mounted spycam during "understeer" shoot.

Big Pete getting into the swing of the McPhillamy road test.

Gonzalez and McPhillamy fanging about the foothills of Mt Fangorama

I'm even toying with the idea of bringing a swag of my already well developed (but unproduced) scripts together into a larger/ longer work.

In the meantime, one has the flag up the pole, the kite in the heavens, the irons in the fire(s), the art on the sleeve etc.
By crikey I might even knock out a few quick episodes for the fangin' fun of it.
Later, Vince.