Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hi Fangsters,
wow, a great response to a viewing to a small audience of nascent film-makers, most encouraging, and the "industry professional" (a cinematographer) was particularly positive, suggesting I try using a wide-angle lens which I whipped out and bought the next day. Just a cheapy for my wee mini dv camcorder, and he was right.
Here are some frames.

He also suggested I put a bit of perspex in front of the camera (so it doesn't get smashed into while trying to do "close passes" with the cars), good plan.
I've figured out how to help Gonz get better traction when he's off-road, found some tyres that literally slip on over his slicks, but tight enough to stay on. Just for the action scenes, whip 'em off for his close ups.

Later, Vincent Fango