Friday, February 16, 2007

Hi Fangsters,
well Fango Fables has finished it's first series on TVS Channel 31, our "off broadway" toe in the waters of the world of broadcast television.
It was fang flamin' tastic!
The picture and sound quality was absolutely fine, using the cheapest DV camera on the market, and Imovie on my antique G3 Imac.
I've posted them on YouTube for broader consumption, and now we're gettin' ready for some serious Fangin' fun.
I'm currently engaged in putting together the FangoFables precision driving team, developing a number of much more ambitious screenplays, and nurturing up (building) the other members of the Fango cast.

Here's me and my co-conspirator Tim (left), co-writer, puppeteer and the voice of McPhillamy.

The latest screenplay has EIGHT characters, (wow, I can see it now) and is basically Leggos' back story (see "Wheel Nut")

where you will learn to differentiate between a couple of species of gum tree (can't wait?), whether ghosts eat spaghetti (huh?), and how a whole bunch of visual clich├ęs can be brought together in an entirely new way to distract, amuse and inform without troubling the viewer with having to think.

Our most popular film (on YouTube at least) by a long way is Understeer.

Fang on, Vincent Fango

Oh yeah, Brocky was a pretty competent artist, apparently he once did a talk on the similarities between motor racing and art (the racing line, co-ordinating intellect and reflexes, concentration and relaxation perhaps?) I would love to read that, and here's a couple of his artworks, curiously both of possums, a brush tailed possum and a portrait of the esteemed aboriginal artist (his artwork adorned a Qantas 747) Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri.