Friday, May 01, 2009

Hi Fangsters, and welcome back.
We're working on season two of Fango Fables on WarpTV for TVS and Ch31 Melbourne, which will include the exciting new segment "Getting Arty with Marty". Here a screen test.

Last weekend I attended a screen story workshop by the esteemed script consultant Karel Segers which was a revelation. I've read many screenwriting books including the screenwriters bible "Story" by Robert McKee, but it hadn't clicked until Karels' workshop. His encyclopedic knowledge of film and story structure, illustrated with many film excerpts, was astounding, in that the grammar of SUCCESSFUL screenplays very rarely diverge from classical three act structure (though there's much more to it than that). I won't go into it here, suffice to say I am hugely energized.
Whipped out my first screenplay with this new knowledge, and am really very excited, so have reorganised the house to create a set on the dining room table. I've been watching a bit of "Panique au Village" which I've always found really inspiring, because they "just go for it", with their absurd stories and hilarious action sequences masking very a sophisticated technical facility and aesthetic. It's right up my alley.